A New Year’s Resolution

The parties of the season are in full swing and the decorations that adorn everything that will provide support seem to bring an air of festivity into the moment. The office gatherings and unending supply of delicacies that appear in every break room show us that Christmas is here. There will be carols sung and greetings exchanged and the politically correct needs of the times we live in will force some to be more vocal than others. All in the name of a season and the emotions that another year of endings will bring to families everywhere.

Those that have had a good year will give more to charity and those that are skeptical of the year they have had will put away some of what they have amassed for a rainy day. Some nations will embrace the newness of administrative change with excitement while other nations will adopt a wait and see attitude before commenting on anything. Some businesses will focus on the good and continue to invest in their strategies and their people while others will be forced to reduce their work force to stay economically viable. Some of it will seem fair and some of it unfair. All this in the name of the economy that has seen a year of tumult as progressive people seemed to cling to regressive ideas.

Then there are the hopeful. Every year they make a new resolution to ensure that this year is not a repetition of last year. Wearing last year’s clothes, and using last year’s ink, they write on last year’s paper while trying to forgive themselves for coming up short on last year’s resolutions. This year make a commitment to set goals instead of making more resolutions. A weight loss goal with an organized program will prevent you from falling prey to the so-called voices of reason who do not walk the talk. Just like commenting on the state of poverty from a gated-compound seems like an oxymoron, taking advice from those that have not lived it is also foolish.

If you want to change your life in 2009, change the way you listen and think. Change what you read and when you read. Change who you listen to and what you listen to on the radio. As Zig Ziglar says, “If you keep on doing what you’ve been doing, you will keep on getting what you’ve been getting. If you don’t like what you’ve been getting, you might consider changing what you’ve been doing.” Make a new resolution for change that comes from within. Don’t let the world change around you without changing the world within you.

“You are the change that the man in the mirror wants to see.”

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