Resisting Temptation

It is not uncommon for me to unpack my bags and hang up my formal wear so that the creases of travel will miraculously disappear. Another suitcase emptied and another hotel room that will be my abode for the next couple of days. The countries are stamped in the passport and the officials doing the stamping have the same look as they welcome you as a tourist or business person while wondering what ties bind you to the life and love you have left behind.

This city will be no different as the itinerary will include the obligatory taste of the famous local cuisine as my hosts will endeavor to enrich me about the unique history of their land. The foods that are bizarre and the ones that require no reservations are more easily viewed on the travel channel where editing seems to add charm. Reality is always a little raw in its expression and somethings can whet the appetite while others can shock it into weeks of bicarbonate diets.

Then there is always my curious indifference to the ones that come to far off exotic locales to live out their wildest fantasies. Many a being well advanced in the years of earthly trots can be seen with people they could have fathered if age were an issue. Somewhere in this desire to succumb to temptation man is weakened and for a split second where judgement needs to be mental and not physical, he will betray a sacred bond. The family picture that he carries will be looked at with disgust and the remembrances of the vows of yesteryear will make him sick. If only he had a way to have something intercede as a wall of fire and a ring of protection. If only he could have called his beloved as soon as he landed and asked her to pray. If only he could have thought about the slow-picth softball game he would have to coach on his return to his loved ones. If only he could have majored in resiting temptation instead of minoring in machismo. If only!

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