Is Being Warm a Cooling Trend?

The basics of decency and civility seem to have left mainstream vernacular, as conversational ability is becoming a long-lost art. The advent of texting and instant messaging, coupled with a society that is always on the move, has caused a chasm that seems to be widening. Falling into this chasm of political correctness is the much-proven ability of warmth and cordiality. No longer is a smile reciprocated with a head nod that indicates acknowledgment of your own gesture with one that says I see your niceness and I raise you my own niceness. It seems that in the high-stakes game of poker we call our lives, the ante has all but been changed and the only ones who want to play are those that know there are no rules and anything goes.
Dr. Adrian Rogers, a noted preacher, once said that for man to fully understand the ability of decency he should move from frivolous and factual narratives to ones that evoke feeling and fellowship. The frivolous and factual commentaries he was talking about are the often selfish monologues that are one-sided and almost always posited just to get to the next act. Communication with a teenager who answers with grunts and monosyllabic responses is a classic example of the frivolous. Sometimes the factual exchanges go beyond the basics, while seeming to be happy and logical but never emotional. We have been sold the wrong bill of goods in a world with so much pain.
Emotional investment in your communication with others is where relationships blossom and true feelings are experienced. Sometimes having an opinion and feeling strongly enough about it to share it and defend it is called activism. Far from this myth is the reality that people who are passionate about their motives are actually more secure in all they do. As a public speaker, I have been advised many times to keep the matters pertaining to my feelings, faith and fellowship on ice so that I don’t rock the boat. I bet enough others have already sold out to that notion, because as we look at where we are as a free people, most of what we believe to be wrong is actually explained as progress. You cannot expect to melt the confused opinions of mediocrity and dependence if you don’t do so with feelings of warmth that say you care about what happens on your watch. As a professional, a parent, a partner or a proprietor, make a decision this week to have faith in your feelings and seek to grow in fellowship with the ones with whom you communicate. Let it be said of you as it was of Noah Webster. “He taught many to read but not one to sin.” That is a fitting statement of warmth that will change everything.

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  1. January 29th, 2009 at 3:52 pm

    Gidget says:

    Krish is the real deal. I have the honor and pleasure of working with Krish. Not 5 minutes ago, he brought a cup of hot steaming coffee to me at my desk with all the fixin’s. He walks the walk! Keep up the great work, Krish!

  2. January 29th, 2009 at 9:36 pm

    Carl says:

    I really like the blog. It’s seem to brighten my day. I have had a rough month last month and I feel like I’m getting depressed. I wanted to see what thoughts you would have or any words of encouragement. I already talked to my father who is a pastor and we have prayed. But I would really like to hear from you also.

  3. January 30th, 2009 at 3:42 am

    Ronnie Bullins says:

    I hear Krish in North Carolina in 2006 in Charlotte. Out of a spectacular line-up, I told my family and friends, this guy touched me far deeper than any other. He had to fly in late to fill in for Zig Ziglar, who was ill that day. God used Krish to encourage and challenge me. I was fortunate, through the unfortunate loss of my daughter, to meet both Krish and Zig in Asheville, NC in the fall of 2008, (I have pictures to prove it :)). Krish has a spirit that God flows through and it shows in his entire personality and being. That is what I call REAL, as well. I appreciate the blog and powerful message above. Krish, I will pray for your continued discernment in the areas listed above. I loved hearing of your faith and your relationship with your son though, so I know you will continue to put God first. He will always guide your path. Also, and I know this sounds selfish, but anyone reading this, please pray for me! My name is Ronnie Bullins and I just, officially, start my business tomorrow. My goal is to help people acheive financial freedom (no more borrower being servant to the lender: Prov. 22:7), and to help people find their God-Given talent, gift, and/or vocation for being Divinely placed here in this dispensation of time. Lastly, I want to minister to everyone as each opportunity arises. I am in a small office in a rural town right now and I am praying that God will “expand my territories.” I want to do public speaking, as I feel I have some life experiences and God’s blessings to share with, not just my city, but our Blessed Nation and the World! This “relestness” as I’ve described it, haunted me for years to get out of my so-called corporate comfort zone, and I started planning the first day I heard Krish in 2006! We had been following Dave Ramsey’s financial peace program since 2003, and after hearing Krish, we ratched up our diligence and paid off the house, and just paid our final payment on a new house we built. For that alone, I thank God for! I praise Him for His faithfulness and for raising up men like Krish to challenge men like me. Please pray that I will follow as my King leads. May God Bless you, Krish, and all who blog and support you. Krish: please tell Mr. Ziglar “hello” for me. I hope he remembers me. We have several things in common, but sadly we share the loss of our first born daughters. Please let him know I lift him and his family up in prayer, as I do you, my Brother! God Bless, and sorry ALL, for the novel. – Ronnie Bullins, North Carolina.

  4. January 30th, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    Robert Gray says:

    As you, I hope that this is not the case, more that emotionally secure people are just taking shelter from all the negative light cast upon us. I often tell my children that the evening news is NOT representative of our world, good exists. Still like you, it can be a struggle to see, to feel the good that is all around us. Smothered by the endless array of mindless distraction, self gratification, and fear that touches us all, good must be found. I believe our best hope is to act along with you, find our voice, our audience, and make hope visible. Gandhi said that “We must be the change we wish to see in the world” let us all be the example of how warmth and compassion fit into our world.
    Thank you Krish for continuing your work, may it never end.

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