Familiar Footsteps

This week I report from the land of my birth and the town of my formative and impressionable years. I arrive here to do some work with young professionals who are all eager to learn the key ingredients for leadership and business success. Their anticipation will be based on the credentials that the team has amassed on another continent. We are excited about the opportunity in front of us and grateful for the honor accorded to us.

My path back is familiar and yet daunting. I have the credentials or so the resume boasts but the the fear that seems to tighten the knot in the pit of my stomach thinks otherwise. The venue is less than a mile from the very house a scared and nervous kid began his voyage into unfamiliarity almost a quarter of a century ago.  In attendance will be classmates with whom pranks were played. A walk through the hall where the lectures are to be held brought back memories of frolicking in the park right in front of it.

The goal is to be able to bring information and inspiration to the ones that depend on us to do so. The vision is to impart new and adventurous principles that will allow the attendees to compete globally. The outcome may be learning why we were selected to come here, and how fate and chance made me the one that would carry some of the messages. All in all the sights and sounds of my home and the noises that permeate the air have satiated me beyond my wildest imagination and I think I am ready to learn from ths experience

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